Contributing to NVDLA

NVDLA is open source, and we welcome external contributions on GitHub! Even if you’re at an early stage, if you plan to make larger changes, we recommend sharing your plans with us; you can do so by filing an “issue”. When you’re ready to submit a contribution, you can do that by creating a pull request.

In order to accept a pull request, we generally need to have a signed Contributor License Agreement (CLA) on file from you. A CLA helps us make sure that we have the right to redistribute your changes, and share them with the community; it is fairly common when sending changes upstream to major companies. If you are contributing on behalf of yourself, then you can sign on your own; however, if you are contributing on behalf of your employer, then you will need somebody authorized to engage in a contract to sign for you. (Google has some good documentation on what it means to be authorized to sign on behalf of a company, which might help if you are unsure as to who can sign.) Note also that in many jurisdictions, work that you do even when you are not in the office could be owned by your employer; please take that into consideration when determining who needs to sign a CLA.

To sign the CLA, please download it, print it out, sign it, scan it, and send it to us at We only need one CLA per organization, so if somebody else from your company has already signed the CLA on behalf of the company, please let us know, and we can reuse that one for you, too.

Additionally, at our discretion, for small bug fixes (around five lines or fewer), we may be able to accept some changes without a CLA.